Bonded Abrasives

centerless grinding wheels
center-type grinding wheels
snagging grinding wheels
creep feed grinding wheels
surface grinding wheels
roll grinding wheels
mounted points
bench, pedestal and stand grinding wheels
dressing and honing stones
cut off wheels
thread, flute and slotting wheels
superfinishing stones and wheels
nut-inserted discs and cylinders
ID grinding wheels
gear grinding wheels
crankshaft and camshaft grinding wheels

Coated Abrasives

coated abrasive belts for all applications
shop rolls
resin fibre discs
quick change discs
abrasive sheet goods
film backed abrasives
non-woven abrasive belts, discs and specialties
flap wheels
laminated discs
cartridge rolls
cross pads
paper discs
abrasive sponges
superfinishing film


resin bond diamond & CBN wheels
vitrified bond diamond & CBN wheels
metal bond diamond wheels
diamond and CBN plated wheels and products
superabrasive hones
diamond belts
diamond compounds

Dressing Systems

single/multi point, cluster & matrix style diamond dressers
LL diamond rod style dressers
sintered diamond roll style wheel dressers
reverse plated diamond roll style dressers
rotary dressing attachments
star type dressers for snagging wheels
diamond dressing blocks

Fluid Maintenance

filtration systems
filtration media
oil skimmers

Metalworking Fluids

straight oils
soluble oils
full synthetics

machine cleaners
parts cleaners
coolant additives
stamping and drawing compounds
coolant filtration and cooling systems

Related Products

centerless work rest blades and guides
gardner rails, guides and blocks
PCD wear parts
grinding wheel balancing equipment